Solution for VMware to import ovf-the user canceled the task-vmwareovf

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Solution for VMware to import ovf-the user canceled the task-vmwareovf

Solution for "the user canceled the task" reported when VMware imported ovf

Problem: When an OVF template is deployed, the error "the user canceled the task" is returned ";

Cause: when exporting an ovf template, the option for the virtual CD-ROM needs to select client device; otherwise, the import error "User canceled task" is reported ";

Solution: Change the CAPTCHA to another prince. 1. Open the ovf file, search for the "iso" configuration node, and delete the node;

The following error is reported when importing data again:

2. Open the mf file and modify the SHA1 check value of ovf.

SHA1 (GZCSS_DEMO-disk1.vmdk) = 4a3e458d4cdd2e03e8c7fa38a5e1f8b2bb5caf15

SHA1 (GZCSS_DEMO-disk2.vmdk) = 45940da-51414a8ee27f3daf0a9f5fa81aed0ee0

SHA1 (GZCSS_DEMO.ovf) = 154bd7b64d9c638ba9a7bef5f21837e5d19b31cd

Ovf needs to pass SHA1's file integrity check. Now it recalculates the ovf file after the ISO configuration node is deleted.

Therefore, replace the SHA1 of the ovf configuration in the mf file with the following:

SHA1 (GZCSS_DEMO.ovf) = 5a5bcf27bd2f30e86ea965cd5e778783c64462ba

3. Importing ovf again is successful!



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