Solution for wireless network connection always displaying "getting network address"

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Symptoms: The HP laptop is connected to the wireless network and the network address is being obtained.
Solution: 1. Go to the BIOS to view the wireless Nic settings and enable the settings;
2. Go to the system and check whether the wireless switch is enabled. The network displays "getting address". Check the IP address information;
3. manually configure a wireless IP address to connect to the instance;
4. View wireless network properties-internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties-advanced. In the IP address column of the "IP settings" tab, you can see that DHCP is enabled, but the IP address cannot be obtained;
5. It can be determined that the DHCP service of the vrodhcp is enabled, and The DHCP Service of the corresponding Client may not be enabled. Check the DHCP Client Service of the terminal and find that the service is in the manual-disabled status, set the service to automatic, apply, and enable the service. Quickly obtain the IP address from the wireless network.
Conclusion: With the popularization of 3G networks, wireless applications have become more and more widespread, and there are also many wireless problems. In the case of wireless problems, we generally start with software, check the wireless switch, the corresponding service, and then the operating system problems. Finally, consider the hardware problems. This is my personal opinion and is for reference only.
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