"Solution" IDC, MA service provider it operation and maintenance monitoring solution

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Current status of IDC and MA service providers

At present, most of the traditional IDC service providers are still in the stage of selling and selling resources, and through leasing limited venues and resources, homogeneous competition and low price competition are getting worse. How to provide users with differentiated value-added IT operations services become a new generation of IDC's competitive goal.

Similarly, most of the traditional MA service providers operating mode to provide maintenance services, mature, experienced engineers have become a large number of MA service providers to compete for talent, human costs continue to rise. The huge talent gap of technical personnel, doomed to the shortage of expert engineers, and the service objects are very scattered, high cost experts are difficult to be reused by multiple users at the same time, a lot of human and material consumption in travel, low-end resident and patrol work. This fundamentally restricts the MA service provider scale and intensive development.

At the same time, the dispersion of customer industry and the dispersion of demand, greatly improved the service difficulty of IDC services and MA, the so-called tune, in the face of different industries and needs, two types of service providers are found to be difficult to deal with.

On the other hand, the vast majority of enterprise customers are very difficult to find a unique, can provide a service provider leading brand, that is because today, IDC and MA market highly homogeneous, the service providers provide less than the difference, in the user seems to choose which service providers are random or the nearest choice.

So, for IDC and MA service provider's survival status, whether there is a good effective solution? Perhaps the network of Friends of the company's Pigoss operation and maintenance monitoring system and professional IDC and MA service providers of cooperation experience can help you.

Program Introduction-MA service Provider Unified Monitoring Platform

Applicable scenarios: Ma has a large number of customers, geographically dispersed, low inspection efficiency can not be found in real time, the cost of the site is too high and not management.

Program Value: Pigoss helps MA service providers achieve centralized and unified remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, direct reduction of inspection and residency costs, the time of the expert engineers to use the blade.

use scene: as shown in the figure, MA service providers through the Pigoss operation and maintenance monitoring platform for each customer's IT resources to implement monitoring, when the customer IT resources anomalies, by mail, SMS and other notification methods by category notification to the professional and technical personnel, Technical staff to respond to the exception in a timely manner, so as to solve the time-consuming manual inspection and 24-hour monitoring problems, effectively reducing personnel costs, time costs, making large-scale professional services possible.

Program Introduction-IDC for large customer support integration platform

Application Scenario: for the development of IDC's growth-oriented customers supporting professional operations and maintenance tools and maintenance services;

Program Value: Pigoss helps IDC provide differentiated IT service solutions for Pigoss monitoring platform and monitoring services for large customers.

usage Scenarios: Big customers can use the PIGOSS monitoring system independently, or they can entrust the operation and maintenance team of IDC. The IDC OPS team can simultaneously monitor multiple customer infrastructures through a converged platform;

For IDC service providers, we can provide a separate Pigoss monitoring platform for each major customer, develop special functions or interfaces according to customers ' requirements, and offer differentiated solutions. The IDC OPS team can aggregate individual customer data through a converged platform to assist in monitoring multiple customer infrastructures. Proactively service when a customer's IT resources are in trouble, increasing customer satisfaction with the service.

The big trend of cooperation and mutual win

In today's market environment, competition is not the first priority of the enterprises, the concept of resource integration, co-win has been deeply rooted, the cooperation between manufacturers and service providers, is a 1+1>2-win strategy, complementary resources, complementary advantages, technology complementarity, its potential value is not just two of the users of enterprises add so simple, Pigoss is willing to have a good vision for the future of the various IDC/MA service providers to work together to create a customer satisfaction of the sustainable development of the maintenance industry ecosystem.

"Solution" IDC, MA service provider it operation and maintenance monitoring solution

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