Solution: Link: Fatal error lnk1123: failed during coff Conversion

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When you open an instance in vs 2010, the following error occurs:
Link: Fatal error lnk1123: failed during coff conversion: Invalid or corrupt file
Ultimate solution:
After some updates, the "error lnk1123" error occurs when the Win32 console project is created, solution: Change "project", "Project property", "configuration property", "configuration tool", "input", and "output" to "no, however, if you do not create a new project, you must set it once.
When creating the vs2010 Win32 project, the error "error lnk1123" still occurred according to the above solution. After going online to check information, the solution is:
Step 1: Same as above.
Step 2: Change "project", "Project property", "configuration property", "connector", "inventory file", "embedded configuration", to "no ".
Step 3: Generally, the computer can solve the problem after the last two steps. However, if there is still a problem, click here to solve it:
Whether the computer is a 64bit operating system. If yes, continue 2.
Check that two cvtres.exe exist in the region. One is c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 \ Vc \ bin \ cvtres.exe, and the other is c: \ windows \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ v
4.0.30319 \ cvtres.exe. Right-click Properties | view the version numbers of both, delete or rename an older version, or reset the PATH variable.

Specifically, the solution is to delete the cvtres.exe of the old version, and you do not need to configure it every time.

Solution: Link: Fatal error lnk1123: failed during coff Conversion

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