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During Game Development, some games can only be played on a horizontal screen. Therefore, when mobile phones are erected and placed, the game screen must be kept on a horizontal screen. To do this, you can simply configure it in androidmanifest. xml. Add this line to Android: screenorientation = "Landscape ". (Landscape is horizontal, and portrait is vertical) <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <Manifest xmlns: Android = package = "com. ray. linkit "Android: versioncode =" 1 "Android: versionname =" 1.0 "> <application Android: icon =" @ drawable/icon "Android: label = "@ string/app_name"> <activity Android: Name = ". main "Android: Label =" @ string/app_name "Android: screenorientation =" portrait "> <intent-filter> <action Android: Name =" android. intent. action. main "/> <category Android: Name = "android. intent. category. launcher "/> </intent-filter> </activity> <activity Android: Name = ". gameplay "Android: screenorientation =" portrait "> </activity> <activity Android: Name = ". optionview "Android: screenorientation =" portrait "> </activity> </Application> <uses-SDK Android: minsdkversion =" 3 "/> </manifest> In addition, in Android, the activity is restarted every time the screen is switched. Therefore, you should save the status of the current activity before the activity is destroyed and load the configuration when the activity is created again. In progress, the game will not automatically restart! You can add the Android: configchanges = "keyboardhidden | orientation" attribute to each activity without restarting the activity. instead, call onconfigurationchanged (configuration newconfig ). in this way, you can adjust the display mode in this method. For example, if (newconfig. orientation = configuration. orientation_landscape) {// transverse setcontentview (R. layout. file_list_landscape);} else {// vertical setcontentview (R. layout. file_list );}
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