Solution to enable guest unreachable network in XP

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Resolving the issue of enabling guest access to network in XP

Many Windows XP system enabled guest also cannot network access, the breakdown is resolved as follows:

Enabled guest why still can't access

1. By default, Windows XP disables the Guest account

2. By default, the local security policy of Windows XP prohibits guest users from accessing the network

3. By default, Windows XP Local Security Policy-user rights assignment, "Null password users can only access the console" is enabled, that is, no account of the null password can be accessed from the network only locally, the guest default blank password

So, if you need to use the Guest user to access Windows XP, go to the top three settings: Enable guest, modify security policy to allow guest to access from the network, disable security policy in 3, or add a password to guest.

When accessing Windows XP, the user name in the logon dialog box is grayed out, always the guest user, and cannot enter another user account.

The reason is that this security policy is at mischief (Administrative tools-Local Security policy-security options-"Network access: Sharing and security mode for local accounts").

By default, Windows XP is accessed in a "Guest only" way, so you access it, and of course it is fixed as guest and cannot be entered into another user account.

So the easiest way to access Windows XP is to simply modify the security policy above to "classic" without having to enable guest. Other systems access Windows XP to enter account information yourself

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