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Recently, due to work needs, I once again picked up the LINUX that I had previously installed based on interest and gave up due to too few applications. I use redhat linux es5.4. for excellent linux operations and powerful network functions, I have installed Fedora16, RedhatLinux9.0, ubuntu 11.10, ubuntu 10.04, and other versions on VMWARE, in order to enable the 3D desktop effect, I installed ubuntu10.04 using VirtualBox. Although the 3D desktop effect is implemented, the full screen mode is not supported. In addition, the response is often stopped, which is very distressing. Oracle had regressed VirtualBox, So SUN's 3.1 version was replaced with 4.1, but the problem persists. I have also considered hard disk installation. First, I am worried about the driver problem. In addition, I am also using X201, I was worried about restoring ThinkPad with one click (I had to install XP as a dual system, and it took me a lot of effort to recover). Later I accidentally discovered the WUBI tool, which can be installed without partitions, so I made a bold attempt to compete successfully! And the amazing 3D desktop effect is enabled !! However, when surfing the Internet, the speed of updating/downloading can reach more than 400 KB, but the speed of opening a webpage is extremely slow. I found a lot of information, but I was not able to succeed. Find this article, and after step-by-step setup, it still becomes invalid. If you are disappointed, restart the machine. Once the page is opened again, It is completed instantly! 10 MB optical fiber can be used in WINDOWS to achieve the speed! After following the instructions in this article, you must restart the system to take effect! The following is basically the original text. Yesterday, I installed ubuntu10.04, a memorable version. After all, the version number is the same as my birthday ~ Hey. However, when the system is connected to the network, I can obviously feel very slow. However, once a connection is established, the download speed is acceptable. When using Firefox to browse the Web page, it is found that when the connection is slow, the "Looking up .... "Or" Connecting to ", it can be determined that this version of ubuntu is slow because of slow domain name resolution. The dig command is used to parse the domain name and observe the return time, which fully proves this viewpoint. Now that you know the reason, it is easy to solve the problem. Just set up a local DNS Server and set the resolution DNS address to local. This may be slow when you connect to the website for the first time. However, since you can directly hit the local cache in the future, you should be able to greatly speed up domain name resolution. Okay, let's get started. Here we use a lightweight DNS Server-pdnsd. Of course, if you are interested, you can use software like Bind to set up a DNS Server, since the concurrency here is not large, I will use the lightweight Server software ~~ 1. The installation of pdnsd has been added to the source. It is very easy to install: During the installation of sudo apt-get install pdnsd, it will ask you which configuration you choose. Here, choose manual. 2. configure sudo gedit/etc/pdnsd. conf modify server {label = "resolvconf";} to server {label = "resolvconf"; ip =; ip =; timeout = 30; interval = 30; uptest = ping; ping_timeout = 50; purge_cache = off;} Where: ip =; ip =; the two lines can also be written as one line of ip =,; representing the local DNS server address, you can enter multiple IDS as needed. Here is tietong's DNS. The following parameters can be used by default. Sudo gedit/etc/default/pdnsd modify START_DAEMON to yes. 3. set the local DNS sudo gedit/etc/resolv. conf inserts a line before all the content: nameserver is special. If you are using ADSL dial-up Internet access (configured through pppoeconf), you also need to modify the file: sudo gedit/etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider add # Before usepeerdns, comment out. Prevents ppp from forcing remote DNS and overwriting resolv. conf if you have enabled the DHCP service, sudo gedit/etc/dhcp3/dhclient is required. conf remove # prepend domain-name-servers; the previous "#". 4. start pdnsdsudo/etc/init. d/pdnsd start 5. simple Test dig | grep time first result:; Query time: 11 msec second result:; Query time: 0 msec third result:; Query time: 0 msec: 0 msec: The fourth result shows:; Query time: 0 msec. By now, the second and later resolutions are directly hit by the local cache, which greatly improves the speed of domain name resolution. Author guofu

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