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In fact, this is an old problem with the Windows NT family: no matter how much physical memory is in the system, Windows only uses a specific memory range to store desktop part elements, for example, windows, menus, and various controls, in a 32-bit Windows system, the memory range is the so-called desktop heap size of 3072kb by default. If the current system opens too many windows, even if there is still available physical memory, but as long as the desktop heap area is fully occupied, Windows will refuse to open a new window, or you cannot open a new window, or simply give a message indicating "insufficient memory" to reject the operation.

Therefore, if your physical memory is large enough and you are used to running a large amountProgramTo avoid similar "insufficient memory" problems, you can consider changing the size of the desktop heap from 3072kb to a larger setting, such as 4096kb for heavy users, you can even set this value to 8192kb.

The desktop heap modification method is as follows:

Enter "Regedit" in the search box of the Windows Vista Start Menu and press Enter;

The registry editing will trigger UAC and a prompt window will pop up. Click "OK" to continue;

Find the following registry Branch:





---Session Manager


On the right panel, find the Registry name "Windows" and double-click it;

The value of this registry key is a long string. Find the "sharedsection = 512," section in the string, change "3072" to the expected number, such as "4096". (Note: Do not modify other content in the string)

Restart Windows. Of course, if you continue to receive a warning similar to "memory insufficiency", you can consider setting this value to a greater value.

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