Solution to Linux Crash and failure to restart because the Postfix sending queue is too large

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Solution to Linux Crash and failure to restart due to excessive Postfix sending queues-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following. When using postfix to send emails, there are about 2 million emails due to the large mail queue, resulting in a Linux Crash. Linux cannot be started after the server is restarted. The check process is as follows:

1) if the instance is started normally, the system reports a check filesystem and an error. After the check, the instance cannot be started after the Enabling swap area. This is the case several times in a row. Are you sure you are not a file system problem?

2) use single Linux single mode to enter the system. df found that/directory files accounted for a large proportion, but did not reach 100%. The system crashed because many emails were sent, it is suspected that the queue of the email system is too long, causing the system to crash.

3) when the system is started, it is found that the system has started the postfix. to verify whether it is a postfix problem, the configuration file main. cf (the default value is in/etc/postfix/mail. cf), the system is normal after the restart.

4) delete all email queues.

5) Move the main. cf file of postfix back and start postfix.

Possible Cause Analysis: the postfix queue is too large, resulting in too much memory (or swap partition) occupation, so that it cannot be started or crashed.
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