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In Windows, if MySQL has been installed previously, after fixing or uninstalling and reinstalling it, the last step will prompt that it will fail!

Possible causes:

1. The firewall is enabled, and the network port 3306 is not enabled. As a result, MySQL security verification fails.

2. Uninstall and reinstall MySQL.

Solution (cause 1 ):



1. Control Panel -- Security Center -- Windows Firewall

2. Select "close (not recommended )"

Note: the default option is enabled (recommended)

Solution (cause 2 ):

MySQL needs to be completely deleted, in three places

Article 1: C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ All Users \ Start Menu \Program\ Mysql

Second place: C: \ Program Files \ mysql

Third place: C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ mysql

Through "Control Panel" -- "" add or delete programs ", only MySQL at the first and second places are deleted (only partial)

In the second and third parts, the uninstallation program of the control panel is not completely deleted. You must manually delete the two parts.

Manually delete and then reinstall MySQL

Installed successfully!

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