Solution to Oracle10.2.0.1 installation and Common Errors in RHEL5.1

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Installation environment: VMwareWorkstation5.5.3 host hardware environment: AthlonXP2000 +, 256*2DDR400, ST80G, GeForce4MX440 use VM to create Linux choose OtherLi

Installation environment: VMware Workstation 5.5.3 host hardware environment: AthlonXP 2000 +, 256*2/DDR400, ST80G, GeForce4 MX440 use VM to create Linux select Other Li

Installation environment: VMware Workstation 5.5.3

Host hardware environment: AthlonXP 2000 +, 256*2/DDR400, ST80G, GeForce4 MX440

Select Other Linux 2.6.x for Linux created using VM

After installation, the virtual machine environment is as follows:
System: RHEL 5. Select Chinese during installation
Hardware environment: 10g scis, 248 M memory;

RHEL 5 Environment

1 install RHEL 5

LINUX installation is basically a bit like Windows does not have much choice, only the operating system is installed, other servers I personally installed dhcp & smb. (If you are like me, there will be many problems when installing Oracle. We recommend that you set SWAP to 1 GB or above)

2. Check whether the required installation package is complete)
Rpm-q gcc make binutils openmotif setarch compat-db compat-gcc-c ++ compat-libstdc ++-devel

3. OS parameters require vi/etc/sysctl. conf. Add the following content at the end of the line:
# Use for oracle
Kernel. shmall = 2097152
Kernel. shmmax = 2147483648
Kernel. shmmni = 4096
Kernel. sem = 250 32000 100 128
Fs. file-max = 65536
Net. ipv4.ip _ local_port_range = 1024 65000
Net. core. rmem_default = 262144
Net. core. rmem_max = 262144
Net. core. wmem_default = 262144
Net. core. wmem_max = 262144

Run the sysctl-p application and the above parameters.

4 Add the following content at the end of the line vi/etc/security/limits. conf
# Use for oracle
* Soft nproc 2047
* Hard nproc 16384
* Soft nofile 1024
* Hard nofile 65536

5 Add the following content at the end of the vi/etc/pam. d/login line
Session required

6 vi/etc/selinux/config ensure the following content
SELINUX = disabled

7 vi/etc/profile:
If [$ USER = "oracle"]; then
If [$ SHELL = "/bin/ksh"]; then
Ulimit-p 16384
Ulimit-n 65536
Ulimit-u 16384-n 65536
Export ORACLE_BASE =/u01/app/oracle (this is the last place where oracle software and databases are stored. This is suitable for exercises)
Export ORACLE_SID = orcl

8. Copy the Installation File of oracle

9 because the default rhel5.1 does not support 10.2 and 0.1, modify the Installation File
# Vi/10201_database_linux32/database/install/oraparam. ini
#### [Certified Versions]
Linux = RedHat-3, SUSE-9, redhat-4, redhat-5, UnitedLinux-1.0, asianux-1]
Add more

10. modify directory permissions
# Chmod-R 777 10201_database_linux32

Ii. Oracle Installation
1. Create and configure users
#/Usr/sbin/groupadd oinstall
#/Usr/sbin/groupadd dba
#/Usr/sbin/useradd-m-g oinstall-G dba oracle
# Id oracle
Set a password for an Oracle user:
# Passwd oracle
2. Create the installation directory mkdir-p/u01/app/oracle
# Chown-R oracle: oinstall/u01/app/oracle
# Chmod-R 775/u01/app/oracle
# Su-oralce
$ Cd/tmp/10201_database_linux32/databases
$ Export DISPLAY = " 0.0"
$ Export LANG = en_US

The installation page appears.

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