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The following error is reported for installing JDK for colleagues today:
Tail: cannot open' + 511 'for reading: no such file or directory

The solution is as follows:

RunExport _ posix2_version = 199209

The new POSIX version uses the 'Tail + 2' command to incorrectly display the content of the first two lines of the file. You must use the 'Tail-N + 2' command.
To solve the compatibility problem of POSIX standards of different versions and make GNU Utilities work with POSIX standards of different versions, the Linux system introduces the environment variable '_ posix2_version ', the format of this variable is yyyymm, indicating the time and month used by POSIX.
The current '_ posix2_version' has two values:
'200' indicates POSIX 199209-1003.2
'200' indicates POSIX 200112-1003.1
Set usage:
Export _ posix2_version = 199209
Unset _ posix2_version
If you have applications and scripts of the old version that you want to migrate to a system that adopts the POSIX standard of the new version, such as 'Tail + 10' and 'sort + 1, you can solve the compatibility problem by setting the environment variable '_ posix2_version = 199209.

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