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Like most software, the process of installing bochs in different operating systems is different. In windows, the most convenient method is to obtain the installer from the official bochs website for installation (select "DLX Linux Demo" during installation so that you can refer to its configuration file ).

In Linux, different distributions may have different processing methods. For example, if you are using Debian GNU/Linux or a close friend (such as UBUNTU), you can use the following command:
$ Sudo apt-Get install vgabios bochs-x bximage
When you type such a command, it will be installed in a short time. Disadvantage: There is no debugging function, which obviously cannot meet our needs, so the best method is to install from the source code.

First download the latest bochs source code version to:

Http:// _ ideq12580

Download bochs-2.4.5.tar.gz, so the installation process is similar to this:

$ Tar zxvf bochs-2.4.5.tar.gz

$ Bochs-2.4.5 CD

$./Configure -- enable-debugger -- enable-disasm

$ Make

$ Sudo make install

Error 1:

Checking how to run the C ++ Preprocessor.../lib/CPP
Configure: Error: In '/home/lmy/downloads/ADS ':
Configure: error: C ++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check

Solution: Install build-essential

Error 2:

Checking for default gui on this platform... x11
ERROR: X windows gui was selected, but X windows libraries were not found.
Solution: Install xorg-dev
Error 3:
ERROR: pkg-config was not found, or unable to access the gtk +-2.0 package.
Solution: Install libgtk2.0-dev

3. Run Bochs
Download the Linux image file on the Bochs Home Page
Decompress the file and generate linux-img to the folder. Switch the command line to this folder and execute bochs to read bochsrc from the current directory to start the virtual machine configuration.
Lmy @ ubuntu :~ /Downloads/linux-img $ bochs

The following error may be prompted:
Bochs is exiting with the following message:
[] Bochsrc: 11: directive 'IP' not understood

Change the configuration file bochsrc and comment out the ips lines.



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