Solution to the low virtual memory in windows

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On the desktop, right-click the computer and choose Properties From the shortcut menu to open the System Properties panel. On the System Properties panel, click Advanced System settings in the navigation bar. In the displayed dialog box, switch to advanced options and find the performance column, click the "Settings" button on the right to enable the "performance" option. We will switch to the "advanced" option and see the following virtual memory. Click "change. Generally, when you open the virtual memory Settings dialog box, you will see that the settings are gray and cannot be set, because you have checked the above automatic management, first deselect the check here, you will see the settings below, first, allocate the drive letter of the virtual memory, that is, the disk on which you want to store the virtual memory. The first choice is drive C. If drive C is not enough, you can select another drive letter. Then, set the size of the virtual memory, this is a relatively high technical level. If the setting is too large, the system will be slow to run and the setting is too small, it is not enough. Generally, refer to the [recommended] value below. If you think it is a little small, it can be slightly larger than this value. For example, if the recommended value is 1521, you can set it to 1600. Finally, restarting the computer will make the settings take effect and set the virtual memory principle: the virtual memory settings are too large to slow down the Windows XP system download system reaction: the larger the virtual memory, the better, because the larger the virtual memory, the slower the read speed of the memory, leading to slow system response. Someone suggested setting the virtual memory size to 0.5-3 times of the physical memory. I suggest you do not set it to more than 1 times. The best way to set the virtual memory on disk C is to put the virtual memory on disk C, which is the fastest to read. However, if some people have a small disk C, the system will soon be full, at this time, it can only be placed on other disks. The Virtual Memory damages the hard disk: The read speed of the virtual memory is not as high as that of the physical memory, and frequent and fast data reading is also prone to damage to the hard disk. Therefore, we recommend that you set the virtual memory to be sufficient, and the virtual memory should be enough. Do not set it too large.

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