Solution to the problem of Mac temperature low charge and power

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To the Mac users to detailed analysis to share the problem due to low temperature charging solution.
Method Sharing:

First of all, the best lithium battery charge when the best chemical reaction temperature of 10 ℃ above, so it is best to charge in the warm room, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the battery. Therefore, if the user found that the Mac is not plugged in, you can transfer the equipment to the warm room to recharge, that is, the Mac slightly cover the heat and then recharge.
Second, if the Mac is found in the warm situation or can not charge, this time need to see if the problem is not a Mac charger, the solution is, the charger will also cover the heat. If you ask me how to cover the heat, small knitting to see some of the online "great God" approach is to cover with the quilt.
Finally, if a user feels that using a quilt or a hairdryer to heat a device is stupid, there are some users who can use the Mac to watch a video or run a heating program for a period of time to warm up the Mac and recharge it.
In fact, the Mac can not charge because the Mac lithium battery set up self-protection, under the cold environment, Mac computer will appear to be unable to charge the situation.
Well, the above information is small make up to you Mac users of the detailed due to the low temperature charging problem solutions to the solution to share the whole content, you see the users here, small knitting believe that you now that is very clear method of it, then everyone quickly go to the small part of the above method to try it.

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