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Sometimes, when we enter the IIS Management window to configure the working parameters of the Web server, we will find that the IIS Management window cannot be opened, in this way, we will not be able to "tune up" Web servers. How can we solve the problem that the IIS window cannot be opened when such a strange problem occurs?

Normally, when the IIS window cannot be opened, we can check the Service running status of the IIS Admin Service System on the server, after all, the system service directly controls the Internet Information Service Management Unit. Only when the service runs normally can we enter the IIS window to manage parameter settings for each server; if the system service is not running properly, the IIS Management window may not be opened successfully.

Therefore, when you cannot open the IIS window, follow these steps to check whether the Service running status of the IIS Admin Service System is normal:

Log on to the server system as a super administrator, click the start button on the system desktop, and select the run command from the pop-up menu to enter the run text box of the server system, enter "Services. msc "string command, and then click the Enter key, the server system service list window appears in front of us;

Find the IIS Admin Service System Service in the IIS window of the Service list, and double-click the Service option with the left mouse to open the Service attribute interface shown in 2, on the "General" tab page of this interface, we can also intuitively see whether the running status of the "IIS Admin Service" system Service is normal at the current time.

If you find that the service has been unexpectedly stopped, you can click the "Start" button on the corresponding tab page to start the system service; to ensure that the system service can be automatically started in the future, we also need to adjust its "Startup Type" parameter to "automatic", and then click "OK" to close the service attribute setting window, in this way, the running status of the IIS Admin Service is restored to normal.

In the future, even if the server system restarts unexpectedly, the IIS Admin Service System Service will automatically start along with the system, so that the IIS window will naturally not encounter any exceptions.

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