Solution to the sudden disappearance of the speed of light input method

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Recently, there are many netizens feedback, the speed of light input method in the use of the process will appear suddenly disappear, or in a day after the boot, restart after the phenomenon of the input method is gone. General appearance of this phenomenon is still more common, the reason is more, small series here to provide you with a few common solutions.

In the case of the computer installed the speed of light input method, the boot or restart and the use of the process suddenly did not have the situation, is generally the same type of input method software tampering deleted, but also may be the antivirus software mistakenly reported as a virus, was treated as a quarantine file.

Method One: Right-click the language setting in the taskbar, select "Set"----"add", find the speed of light input method, add, click "Apply" can.

Method Two: If it is the anti-virus software manslaughter, you can enter the speed of light into the judge to download the latest version of the installation, can be used again, in the Setup wizard interface to the speed of light input method set as the default input method. If there is an anti-virus software false positives, you can consider a replacement anti-virus software, you can manually increase the white list in antivirus software. Open antivirus Software "settings"-"Trust settings", the speed of light input method to add to trust, you can avoid being killed by antivirus software.

Method Three: If the computer on what input method is not used, with shortcut keys to switch, input method is not out, you can see if the Ctfmon.exe did not boot up.

Point "start → run", type "msconfig", click OK or enter, run System Configuration Utility, select "Ctfmon.exe" in "Startup", click OK, and then log off or restart should be OK. This is because Ctfmon.exe control Alternativeuserinputtextprocessor (TIP) and MicrosoftOffice language bars provide support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboards, translations, and other user input technologies. This program does not start will also cause the Input method icon does not display.

If the Ctfmon item is not found on the startup page, stating that the key has been deleted in the registry, you can click Start--> run--> enter "regedit" (do not quote), enter--> open Registry Editor, and navigate to Hkey_ Current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun, create a new string value (REG_SZ) named Ctfmon.exe on the right side of the window and set its value to "C : 3WINDOWSsystem32ctfmon.exe, and then close the Registry Editor, and then do the previous step.

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