Solution to X-win32 exception caused by updatetool of X-Win32

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The updatetool of X-Win32 is used for automatic upgrade. Sometimes this tool will jump out, such as startingProgramIf it is win7's system, the system prompt dialog box appears, prompting allow updatemedil.exe to change the computer, at this time whether the choice is or not, will cause the X-Win32 startup exception, unable to work. -- It may be caused by 64-bit win7.


The simplest way to fix this problem is to delete updatemedil.exe in the x-win32installation directory.


There are three official solutions for starnet:



X-Win32 has an AutoUpdate feature which allows you to automatically be informed when the latest updates are available. updates are generally infrequent and fix bugs while at the same time adding new features. however if you must disable the AutoUpdate feature (You are a system admin who deploys X-Win32 once a quarter for example ):

There are several ways to disable updates. Please choose the way which is right for you.

During Installation
Post Installation
Completely remove the Update Tool

Command Line MSI Option

You can disable autoupdating during a command line MSI installation.

Msiexec noautoupdate = "true"/Qn/I "X-Win32.msi"
Xserver. config

To disable updates through xserver. config

    1. Edit % appdata % \ starnet \ X-Win32 \ xserver. config
    2. Add the following line above/Configuration
      <Noautoupdate> true </noautoupdate>
    3. Save the file.
Remove updatemedil.exe

Removing % ProgramFiles % \ starnet \ X-Win32 \ updatemedil.exe will also disable updates.

Removing this tool will also remove the update option from the system tray.


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