Solutions for attaching high-version database data to the low-version database

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First, find a computer with SQL Server 2008 and attach your database file to this computer.
After the attachment succeeds, in the SSMs Object Explorer window, right-click the database you just attached, select Task > Build Script ..., and the Script Wizard dialog box appears.
Click "Next".
In the Select Database dialog box, select the database you just attached, and tick the bottom "script all objects in the selected database". Click Next.
In the Select Script Options dialog box, you also need to modify the following several options:
1). " The script that writes the data ", set to" True "; (SQL2005 does not have this option, so to find a computer equipped with SQL2008, how easy Ah, save the data import and export trouble)
2). " Write trigger Script ", set to" True ";
3). " Write the script to create the database ", set to" True ";
4). " Script The server version, select SQL Server 2005;(If it is the SQL2000 you want to use, choose SQL Server 2000)
The above 4 options are very recommended for this setting, the other options on their own to do, others generally do not have to change. Click Next.
In the Output Options dialog box, select Save script to file, other default, point to next.
Click Finish.
Click Close.
Then create a database in the server with the same name, and "new query", copy the code just generated, comment out the first line of the path, execute. We found that a new database has been established in SQL2005.

Solutions for attaching high-version database data to the low-version database

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