Solutions for screen sharing for Android development

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==================== Problem Description ====================
I am a novice Android, recently encountered a problem: how to put an Android device's screen in real-time sharing to multiple devices.  I'm not sure what this technology is called, screen sharing, screen syncing, screen broadcasting, remote monitoring? Does that mean a thing?

and the principle and solution of screen sharing on Android is the same as on a PC?

Ask the great God to explain the specific solution! Is the trouble to say to achieve this function module need to use what technology, such as screenshot, compression algorithm, transfer protocol and so on.

It has been said that the implementation of screen sharing on Android and the realization of screen sharing on the computer is the same, and is the screenshot, compression, transmission, acceptance, decompression, display of the process.
But some people say it is inefficient and cannot guarantee real-time transmission.
What other people say is the use of hardware programming?? Dizzy, seek guidance!
==================== Solution 1====================
Baidu DLNA Look at it ~
==================== Solution 2====================
==================== Solution 3====================
UPnP architecture Implementation of DLNA, there are several open source packages (Java, C + +) to support this, Baidu a bit! Just port the open-source package to Android.
==================== Solution 4====================
There seems to be a miracast, not carefully read.

Solutions for screen sharing for Android development

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