Solutions for wireless networks that are not available

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1, first see if the Wireless LAN connection has been disconnected. If disconnected, open the LAN button to connect to the wireless network.

2, in view whether there is another Wireless LAN connection installation program. Windows XP supports wireless LAN connections through the wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service. Therefore, you do not need to install additional programs for your wireless LAN connection unless the network requires a special program. Also, installing some of the related wireless LAN programs may sometimes disable the view available Wireless Networks window supported by the WZC service. Exit the associated Wireless LAN program, and then check that the window is enabled.

3, now check the wireless network card driver has no exception, click "Start-Control Panel", in the control Panel to find "system-Device Manager", and then open the Device Manager window. As shown in the figure:

On the window, on the network adapter, select Wireless LAN Adapter, right-click it, select Disable in the pop-up menu, and then select Enable from the New Right button to check if the device is working correctly.

4, now the same right to select "My Computer" select "Management", in the Select "Computer Management", open the service window to select "Wireless Zero Configuration", double-click to open it, and then set the service configuration to "start" can be.

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