Solutions that Win7 Wireless services cannot start

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What to do if the Win7 wireless service does not start

The Windows 7 operating system was unable to start the solution for the Wlanautoconfig service. The startup type is automatic and the service state is stopped, and clicking the Start button does not start the wireless service in the normal way, and the wireless service is turned on using the command.

Win7 Unable to start the WLAN AutoConfig service solution

The operating system can not be on the wireless network, generally check the wireless network card driver is normal, and then check whether the wireless service is turned on. Displays a Windows wireless service that is not running on this computer after it has been diagnosed with the network in the operating system.

Start → run → input: services.msc Click OK, or press ENTER to open the list of services. Find the Wlanautoconfig service, the startup type is already automatic, but the service is stopped, click Start, pop-up Windows cannot start the Wlanautoconfig service. Error 1747: Unknown authentication service. Error prompts.

Start → run → input: regedit Click OK, or press ENTER to open the registry and navigate to: Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\ndisuio

View its DisplayName key value is NDIS usermode I/O Protocol such as defect, can be new.

Continue to double-click the Start edit DWORD value of the right window (if no new is available), double-click to open, modify the value data to 2, click OK, press F5 key to refresh.

Start → run → input: CMD Click OK, or press ENTER key (enter) to open the command prompt.

Input: netsh winsock reset return performs the wireless service command.

Reboot the computer, confirm the settings, solve the problem!

Command resolution:

Netsh is a command that can manipulate almost all network-related settings, such as setting up Ip,dns, network cards, wireless networks, and so on.

Winsock is the system internal directory, Winsock is the Windows Network programming interface, Winsock work in the application layer, it provides the low-level transport protocol independent of the high-level data transfer programming interface.

Reset is the reset operation on the Winsock.

netsh winsock reset command, which is to reset the Winsock directory. If there is a problem with the Winsock protocol configuration on one machine, it will cause problems such as network connection, and this command should be used to reset the Winsock directory to restore the network. This command can reinitialize the network environment to resolve the problem of parameter errors due to software conflicts and virus causes. The IP will need to be reconfigured when the Winsock command restarts the computer.

Attention matters

Enter a command in the command Prompt window, plus the arguments/? You can view the method and parameter explanations associated with this command.

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