Solutions to confusions of 30-year-old ITWEB developers

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The 30-year-old ITWEB developer is almost 27 years old. due to physical reasons (mild disability), he went to school two years later. he recalled the achievements of the past one or two years, that is, the following: & nbsp; 1, big projects have not been done yet & nbsp; 3: The artist has also been implemented to the middle and upper layers, and he is not proficient & nbsp; 4: SEO is also done in the middle layer, still 30-year-old ITWEB developers are confused
I'm almost 27 years old. I went to school two years later because of my physical illness (mild disability). I think back to my achievements in the past one or two years, that is, the following:
1: The middle and upper layers of ASP learning have not yet reached the proficient stage (because the language is not good, it is ready to give up)
2: I started learning PHP. I just got started and haven't done any big projects yet.
3: The artist is also in the middle and upper layers, not proficient.
4: SEO is also working in the middle layer and is still working hard.
5: This year, the company plans to contact the server, hoping to gain some benefits.
6: I opened my own network studio, and my business was okay. I usually went out to contact 10 thousands or 20 thousands million orders.
7: I jumped three times and ran from my hometown of Jiaxing to shanghai. I can continue to mix in small companies.

Now, with my age approaching 30, a WEB development programmer is about to end his career (in China). now I am confused, I don't know how to proceed. my ideas are as follows:
1: at the age of 30, I will continue to stick to it. I will not care about my age. I will work in a large company before the age of 30 and strive to achieve management in a large company.
4: If you are not in good health, go home and do some small things. if you want to find a job, simply live your life, and then find a wife, you can live your life in this way and you will not starve to death.
5: continue to develop the program, and continue to pick up the business by yourself, using the current studio, to 30. Prepare to pick up your own business, do your business well, and then perform online marketing.

I think a lot, but I can't make up my mind. I want you to help me analyze how to proceed!

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I will continue to pick up services, constantly improve myself, and what the society needs. never stop learning. this is my attitude towards life and work. it's boring to think too much. no answer

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