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Hard disk failure in the computer failure of the proportion is also relatively large, because the traditional hard disk is a mechanical hard disk, more susceptible to vibration or bad use caused by hard disk failure, the following editor for you to summarize some common computer hard disk failure caused by computer problems, As well as the corresponding solution with the thinking of computer enthusiasts want to PC friends have a reference to the mobile hard disk what makes a good mobile HDD brand ranking.

First, the boot detection hard disk error

Detection of hard disk at boot time sometimes failed, appeared: "Primary Masterharddiskfail". Sometimes it can be detected by normal startup. Sometimes the BIOS can be reset with auto detect after a failed detection, and sometimes the hard drive cannot be found AutoDetect. Please check the following order: Check the drive cable is loose; Try a good hard drive line. Switch the hard drive to another machine, and replace the motherboard--Make sure the IDE port is not a problem. It is also possible that the power supply caused the problem, in exchange for a better quality power. Carefully check the hard disk PCB, if the PCB has burned traces, please send repair as soon as possible. Does formatting the hard disk affect the hard disk life? Hard Drive formatting knowledge

If the motherboard detects a hard disk, please make sure that the capacity of the detected hard disk and other parameters are the same as the actual hard disk parameters. If the detected hard disk capacity and the actual difference, the system must be faulty, this situation may occur in the hard disk, motherboard, or even hard disk data cable. Can be confirmed by substitution method.

In summary, once the "hard disk FAILURE" prompt appears in the self-test, use the replacement method quickly to determine if the drive is faulty. If you suspect a physical failure of your hard disk, you need to repair or replace the hard drive.

II. BIOS setup and installation issues

If the hard drive parameter is not set in the BIOS, the self-test will not pass and the hard disk cannot be used properly. First check the BIOS settings of the hard disk parameters, generally speaking, the computer after 486 will have the ability to automatically detect the hard disk model, enter the BIOS, find the IDE HDD Auto detection, will automatically detect the hard drive model.

If your hard drive is larger than 528MB, please note that it is set to "LBA" in the BIOS, and the default hard drive mode is "LBA" on Pentium computers. If you set it to another mode, errors can occur when you read and write to the hard disk, and may even cause data loss. Common failures during installation may be due to poor IDE cable contact or the possibility of a cable connection being reversed. If the signal computer is reversed, you will find that the hard drive light on the chassis is on.

Three, hard disk fault tolerance hint

As mentioned earlier, the hard disk has adopted a number of fault-tolerant technologies, of which the most common application is S.M.A.R.T technology. If the screen displays "SMART Failure predicted on Primary master:st310210a" then a warning: "Immediately back-up your date and replase your hard disk Drive. A failure Mauy be immnent. " At this point, you must press F1 to continue, this is the S.M.A.R.T technology to test your hard drive may be faulty or unstable, warning you need to back up the data immediately and replace the hard drive. With this hint, there is no workaround other than replacing the new disk.

Four, the sound to determine the hard disk failure

If the hard drive is not detected. The first thing to consider is the hard disk, as long as a power, the drive is constantly running, and every minute is 5,000 rpm above the speed, these mechanical structures will inevitably appear to malfunction. When you can detect the hard disk in CMOS, listen to the sound of the hard drive, if the sound is: "Da ... Da ... The DA ... "and then restore the calm, there is a bigger grasp to judge the hard disk probably no problem, if the voice is" Da ... Da ... Da ... "and then again and again" clicks ... Click "Sound, there is a big possibility that the hard drive is faulty. The worst-case scenario is a periodic noise such as "Up, up, and up" on the hard drive, which indicates a problem with the mechanical control part of the hard drive or the transmission arm, or a serious damage to the disc. Hard drive temperature is normal. In order to further judge, you can remove the hard drive, connected to other computers, and then into the CMOS test, if it is not detected, it can be concluded that it is really hard disk problems.

Five, the hard drive error after overclocking

"Hard drive Read and write failed" after overclocking, which is probably the problem with the hard drive. A lot of hard drives in high FSB will have some problems, light will not start, heavy data loss, you can try to reduce it to mode 3, and try to shorten the length of the hard drive cable. 100M using asynchronous bus, that is, PCI is three-way (33M), so there is no special requirements for the hard disk. For non-asynchronous bus, the limit FSB is approximately 92M (that is, the PCI speed at 46M), in which almost all hard drives are unable to withstand.

On the computer hard disk common failures and common hard disk troubleshooting methods for everyone to introduce here, if there are any questions, welcome to the computer question and answer, we will be the first time to reply to you.

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