Solutions to the GPS positioning problem of Android China Mobile custom machine

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If you haven't deleted the mobile phone navigation, you will find that you haven't opened anything, but the mobile phone navigation in running services is on! I believe everyone has tried it. When I buy it, everyone only has mobile phone navigation customized.
Positioning is not supported. In order to prevent everyone from using Google (Yumin + earning money), China Mobile removed the Google service package (GMS ).
Is the most basic and important service package for Android .!!!!! In addition, mobile phone navigation keeps occupying the GPS port, and other software cannot use this port to exchange data with GPS.

GPS has always been a problem for many machine friends. The following describes how to solve this problem!

The solution is as follows:

★Step 1. Install the Google cloud Framework Service googleservicesframework.apk (attached );

★Step 2. Install and run the re manager on the Root phone (see the following for the root method );

★Step 2. Create a location file to accelerate location. The specific methods are described below;

★Step 2. Add the GPS. conf file to system/etc/(the attachment shows that the GPS. conf file is in the GPS test.rar package );
(Remember to mount it as read/write; otherwise, it is strongly recommended that you use the Chinese version to avoid reading it)

★Step 2. Install GPS test1.2.3.apk (provided in the attachment );

★Step 5 is also the most important step. The "Mobile Phone navigation" customized by the mobile phone of the toll port is uninstalled;

★Step 3. Restart and open the GPS test in the open space to wait for the GPS status to change from yellow to green. The number of satellites is enough;
(The first time is long. It may take about 10 minutes. Shutdown and then start the instance for 10 minutes .)
★Step 2. Install a navigation software and configure the map package (unless you use traffic to download the map) to enter the software. GPS seconds are set to succeed (adjective, a few seconds. Do not spray me back for more than one second)




After xt910 is upgraded to 4.1.2, the map cannot be used because there is no Google service framework, and many service frameworks cannot be used on the Internet. After xt910 is installed, it stops. I have extracted a few APK files from the official package. After testing, it is completely available. No need for root, no need to brush the package, just install it directly. Googleservicesframework.apk (Google service framework) and googleloginservice.apk (Account Management)ProgramThese two accounts have to be installed with Google. This gmscore.apk (Google service) game is optional. Googleloginservice.apk (Account Management Program) and maps_alldpi.apk (Google map) indicate that the file is too large to be uploaded. You can download the file that has been uploaded to the online storage,
Googleloginservice.apk (account manager) Consumer id = 222380 & UK = 690696503
Maps_alldpi.apk (Google map) Consumer id = 222391 & UK = 690696503


(1.55 MB, downloads: 11028)


(1.65 MB, downloads: 8188)


Method 2 (pure installation ):

In the com. Google. Android. Maps. xml compressed package, add \ System \ etc \ permissions to the mobile phone \ System \ etc \ permissions and change the permission


In the com. Google. Android. Maps. jar package, add \ System \ framework to the mobile phone \ System \ framework and change the permission


put \ System \ app in the networklocation.apk package into the mobile phone ....... and so on

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