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Solve a fatal startup error-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. I don't know when I will be troubled by a very fatal startup error in my gentoo system. After gentoo is started, there will be about 1/3 errors. The prompt is:

Cpu 0: Machine Check Exception: 4 Bank 0
TSC 9b10c0266 ADDR 682f78
Kernel panic-not syncing Machine Check

Generally, the system is started normally after the cold start, but windows XP has never been started [muteness]. From the prompts, it should be related to cpu. For this reason, I asked gentoo's official forum and AMD's official forum. Although many foreign friends are enthusiastic about helping, there is no good solution. Google has a lot. Although I found that foreign friends had the same situation, I sent an email for help. He replied that he wanted to install a vixie-cron service. I installed it, but nothing can be seen. I also compiled the kernel many times and adjusted the most likely options (including mce) related to the kernel ), but there is still nothing to change [cry], but I have to endure the troubles brought about by this mistake.

On one occasion, I accidentally re-read a post written by movie mirror in the linux community and found such a clue:

04.09 Machine Check Exception if the system has some problems, such as CPU overheating, the kernel will print relevant information on the screen to remind you. This feature requires hardware support. You can check/proc/cpuinfo to see if the mce mark exists. If yes, choose. If you have a problem after selecting it, you can disable it by adding the nomce parameter at startup.

After doing so, it was successful.

Obviously, I belong to the "very unfortunate" person. Using everest in XP, we can see that the cpu calls mce and works properly. This proves that the cpu is correct, then the problem should be caused by kernel calls to the mce function in AMD cpu. In any case, this problem is solved successfully. thanks to Dr. gong.
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