Solve remote login Linux mis-press ctrl+s lock screen

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Many friends who have just moved from Windows to work on Linux, when editing files with Vi/vim, often use the ctrl+s to save the contents of the file. But this press down will cause the whole terminal not responding, SSH connection fortunately said,  Directly close the SSH connection and then reconnect it, but in front of the server, you can only watch the dry worry, a little bit of the ALT+F2/3/4 switch to the other console to operate.  In fact the correct way is ctrl+q to unlock, ctrl+s under Linux is the lock screen display meaning and Screenlock key is an effect, do not believe you try to press Scrlk or FN+SCRLK. If you don't want to meet again, turn the flow control off, and Ctrl+s can be freed up to be used as a readline historical search. Here's more about the Ctrl shortcut:
CTRL + C ends a running program "ping, Telnet etc" ctrl+d end input or exit Shellctrl+s pause screen output ctrl+q restore screen output ctrl+l clear screen, "lowercase letter L" equals clear

Solve remote login Linux mis-press ctrl+s lock screen

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