Solve SECURECRT Chinese garbled solution--Character Set setting (Linux environment)

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    We often use the SECURECRT tool But sometimes you get garbled, and seeing these is painful, as shown in:

This decision to study, the first to go to Baidu, the steps to solve the following, made a note, in order to query later:

1. First Enter securecrt Tools "Options" menu >> Click on the "Session Options" menu, as shown:

2. Click on the " emulation" menu below the "Terminal" menu, on the right . " Terminal " Drop -down menu , select "Linux", "ANSI Color "The front tick. , as shown in the following example:

3. Click on the "Appearance" menu as shown below:

4, click on the right "font" button, 1) Select the new song,2) Character Set selected " Chinese GB2312", as shown:

5 . Click on the "Appearance" menu and select "UTF-8"in the "character encoding" drop-down menu on the right to remove the " Use the Unicode line to draw the front tick of the character " as shown:

6, the last point "OK" button, save the settings and close securecrt!

7, if still unable to display the normal Chinese, may be due to the Linux system default character encoding is not UTF8 caused. You will need to modify the Linux server configuration file.

Log in with the root user. Enter "vi/etc/sysconfig/i18n"

8, quit and re -login securecrt, fix garbled!

Solve SECURECRT Chinese garbled solution--Character Set setting (Linux environment)

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