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The first method, browser settings compatibility mode

Open IE, click on the "Tools" menu, select "Compatibility View Settings" and check the "Show all sites in Compatibility View" option.

The second method, which uses the editor's Web page:

<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html; CHARSET=GBK ">
Below add
<meta http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" content= "Ie=emulateie7"/>

The third method, modify the editor itself JS file:

Modify the/editor/js/fckeditorcode_ie.js file in the editor directory to find ("Get", a,false);
Add the following:
Try{b.responsetype= ' msxml-document ';} catch (e) {}
is as follows: ("Get", a,false); Try{b.responsetype= ' msxml-document ';} catch (E) {}b.send (null);

Fourth Way: Download and install Baidu browser

Baidu Browser is really good, web compatibility is good, and to support the acceleration of foreign websites, without any plug-ins can open Google AdSense, convenient webmaster friends.

Download Address:

Below are a number of Web pages added: If the above or not can refer to the following methods, in fact, I would like to say that the above method is not possible, basically difficult to solve, the Web site behind the use of the browser can not be casually updated.

Working with versions


IE10 Bug fixes

1. Documents > Methods in Fckeditor.js: Fckeditor_iscompatiblebrowser

Find this line >>

var sbrowserversion = Navigator.appVersion.match (/msie (...) /) [1];

Replace into >>

var sbrowserversion = Navigator.appVersion.match (/msie ([\d.] +)/) [1];

2. In Fckeditorcode_ie.js this document

Found it

e.scopename!= ' HTML '

Replace the IF condition with

if (fckbrowserinfo.isie&& e.scopename && e.scopename!= ' HTML ')

Found it

D.parentelement (). document!=b

Replace the IF condition with

if (D.parentelement (). Document && D.parentelement (). document!=b)

Found it ("Get", a,false);

Add the following red section ("Get", a,false);

try {

B.responsetype = "Msxml-document";

catch (e) {}

B.send (NULL);

Clean the browser cache to see if it has been resolved.

Fix FCKeditor in Ie9,ie10 pop-up windows bug

In the above article, FCKeditor's display and the article editor already has no problem, but when clicks the upload picture the button may discover still to be able to appear the problem.

The reason is that FCKeditor does not support $=document.getelementbyid in versions above IE9.

The solution can be done this way:
Open this file,

Find this method:


will be the original

Fcktools.registerdollarfunction=function (A) {A.$=a.document.getelementbyid;};

The method of modification is:
Fcktools.registerdollarfunction=function (A) {a.$=function (v) {return A.document.getelementbyid (v);}};

The above methods are easy to solve, but because of the diversity of the FCKeditor version, cloud-Habitat Community Small series for everyone to organize the method, always some help.

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