Solve the Problem of audio and video path in PPT once and for all

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Some netizens asked the absolute and relative paths of audio and video in the PPT, which is not clear in two or three sentences. Simply write an article.
First, I have not studied 2007. I don't know if the new version has solved this problem, so I have no say in version 2007. Sorry, there is no way to set the relative path or absolute path on your own. However, this practice is normal.
1. The new PPT file is saved in a folder.
2. Save the required sound and video files in the same folder of the PPT.
3. Select the desired sound and video in the PPT.
However, I still tried it if I couldn't play the sound on another host in special cases. The reason is unknown. In addition, many sound materials are not prepared in advance. Sometimes it is difficult to find them temporarily and put them in the specified position first, therefore, my own practice is to package the package once the job is handed over. The details are as follows:

1. Select "package as CD" from the "file" menu"
2. select "link file" in "option". If you use some special fonts, you can select the "embedded TrueType font", so there will be no font problems, the premise is that you must first select "embed TrueType font" in "Tools"-"options. Of course, if you are sure that the other party has not installed pppt, you can select the player, but there will be a lot of DLL files.
3. Generally, we will not engrave it into a CD, so select "Copy to folder" and specify a directory.

In this way, there will be no Path Problems for the processed files. We can choose a voice for comparison:
All the files after packaging are relative paths.





The same is true for 2007. At the beginning, "publish" --> Cd data packet --> copy to a folder (select a folder to store and Package)-> copy to CD to complete packaging. After packaging, there is a bunch of files. Click. BAT can directly view the PPT. You can also directly read the PPT by clicking it, and the audio and video files will also be added to the relative path, that is, the same level directory, where the entire copy can be used.


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