Solve the Problem of automatically inputting the letter "C" when the android simulator moves a gesture.

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Case 1:

Android development has been plagued by a problem, that is, when the simulator is used, you can click the mouse or keyboard to pop up the input box continuously and enter the 'c' letter continuously '.

Recently, I found the cause through searching. It turns out that the word Acquisition Function of the dictionary software is caused by this situation in youdao dictionary, Kingsoft dictionary, and lingers.

Turn off the "Word Translation" function of the dictionary, and the android simulator returns to normal.


Case 2:

I don't know why the following magic occurs in all versions of my virtual machine. If you know something, please help me.

Simulate finger sliding with the mouse,

① As long as each row is uniform, the slide function is available and * equivalent to typing C *
You need to slide and unlock each time you enter, and then automatically jump to the search box with a soft keyboard. After jumping out of the soft keyboard on the screen, ② I generate two characters from the keyboard input and the analog keyboard click input next to the simulator.

③ If the entered value is locked in the BMI calculator, you will enter 9 each time you click it.


The following are some explanations of this phenomenon:

1. Draw a line to get the word... resolve the mouse slide into a copy; 2. Draw the word translation principle. Always simulate the CTRL + C button on the keyboard. Then extract words from the cut class for translation;


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