Solve the Problem of errors reported during build or run in Cordova command line mode.

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If the platform is not built, it sometimes does not work because its platform folder contains directories of various platforms. And then run the code of this file.

The principle is basically described above, but you will find that saving and running after modification in eclipse sometimes cannot be built. No matter how you refresh or clean the project, you must generate and run it in the command line. However, the following error is reported in the command line:

The prompt says that the heap space is insufficient and the Java Virtual Machine cannot be started. This error has plagued me for a long time. Previously, it was solved by shutting down unnecessary programs in the system to save memory space, however, this operation is very troublesome and sometimes does not work. You have to restart the machine. After studying the problem, you finally get the solution: Create a variable in the system variable named _ java_options, variable value:-xmx512m. After confirmation, run nodejs to generate the running project and no error will be reported.


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