Solve the Problem of exiting an HTTP video from VLC-android playback.

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Previously, we used VLC-android to play HTTP videos,ProgramThe system automatically exits and uses ndk-GDB for debugging.


/Home/Administrator/code/VLC-android/extras/package/Android/VLC-android/obj/local/armeabi/GDB. Setup: 4: Error in sourced command file:
Remote Communication error: Connection reset by peer.

No solution was found on the Internet.CodeAdd the debug print statement to see where the error was reported, and finally trace the cause of calling the poll function,

Finally, find the source code of a poll function in FFMPEG source code and add it to VLC-android after modification.

Int poll (struct pollfd * FDS, nfds_t numfds, int timeout)


Fd_set read_set;

Fd_set write_set;

Fd_set exception_set;

Nfds_t I;

Int N;

Int RC;

# If have_winsock2_h

If (numfds> = fd_setsize ){

Errno = einval;



# Endif

Fd_zero (& read_set );

Fd_zero (& write_set );

Fd_zero (& exception_set );

N =-1;

For (I = 0; I <numfds; I ++ ){

If (FDS [I]. FD <0)


# If! Have_winsock2_h

If (FDS [I]. FD> = fd_setsize ){

Errno = einval;



# Endif

If (FDS [I]. Events & Pollin) fd_set (FDS [I]. FD, & read_set );

If (FDS [I]. Events & pollout) fd_set (FDS [I]. FD, & write_set );

If (FDS [I]. Events & pollerr) fd_set (FDS [I]. FD, & exception_set );

If (FDS [I]. FD> N)

N = FDS [I]. FD;


If (n =-1)

/* Hey !? Nothing to poll, in fact !!! */

Return 0;

If (timeout <0)

Rc = select (n + 1, & read_set, & write_set, & prediction_set, null );

Else {

Struct timeval TV;

TV. TV _sec = timeout/1000;

TV. TV _usec = 1000 * (timeout % 1000 );

Rc = select (n + 1, & read_set, & write_set, & prediction_set, & TV );


If (RC <0)

Return RC;

For (I = 0; I <numfds; I ++ ){

FDS [I]. revents = 0;

If (fd_isset (FDS [I]. FD, & read_set) FDS [I]. revents | = Pollin;

If (fd_isset (FDS [I]. FD, & write_set) FDS [I]. revents | = pollout;

If (fd_isset (FDS [I]. FD, & exception_set) FDS [I]. revents | = pollerr;


Return RC;


Test playing online HTTP video, video address:

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