Solve the problem of EM,DBCA Chinese block garbled in Oracle 10g database under Linux

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Solve the problem of EM,DBCA Chinese block garbled in Oracle 10g database under Linux

Today in Linux installed Oracle 10g database, installed after the Linux system language switch to Chinese, found Oracle's EM (Enterprise Manager), DBCA (Database configuration Assistant Chinese interface, buttons are all squares or garbled, very people headache. Through Google, Baidu to find the reason, after many attempts, finally resolved to see the EM, DBCA interface to see the lovely Chinese.

Let me introduce my system to a bad environment:

Operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux as 5
Oracle version (10g)
$LANG Zh_cn. UTF-8
$ORACLE _home /opt/oracle/product/10.1.0/db_1/

EM,DBCA Chinese box garbled problem specific solution:
Installation of
Simplified Chinese font pack FONTS-CHINESE-3.02-9.6.EL5:
We first need to install the rhel5.0 system DVD with the Chinese font pack fonts-chinese-3.02-9.6.el5.noarch.rpm, which is essential. If this font pack is not installed, Simplified Chinese font files/usr/share/fonts/zh_cn/truetype/zysong.ttf and/usr/share/fonts/chinese/truetype/ Zysong.ttf does not exist, the Chinese display is even more impossible to talk about.
Second, set the Linux system language bad environment:

Export LANG=ZH_CN. UTF-8

Third, copy replace file, execute the following two commands:

# CD $ORACLE _home/jre/1.4.2/lib/

# CP Redhat8.0

Note: You can also use Redhat,* replaces

After executing these two commands, try to start the Java console and see if you want to resolve the Chinese box problem:

# .. /bin/controlpanel

If you are no longer a square, skip step fourth, or continue to step 4th.
Iv. Modify the third step copy the replacement file, the last line in the file:



filename.-misc-zysong18030-medium-r-normal--*-%d-*-*-c-*-iso10646-1=/usr/share/fonts/chinese/truetype/ Zysong.ttf

The last line in the file points to the Chinese font file, confirming that the file exists.
five , according to three or four steps of operation, re-copy the establishment of $oracle_home/jdk/jre/lib/under the font settings file. After performing this step, DBCA, NETCA, and other Java-based programs in Chinese garbled box problem is resolved.
Six , clear the button GIF picture cache and restart the service (PIN Web Interface Management program):

Searchctl stop

Emctl Stop Dbconsole

Isqlplusctl stop

RM-RF $ORACLE _home/oc4j/j2ee/oc4j_applications/applications/isqlplus/isqlplus/cabo/images/cache/zhs/*.gif

RM-RF $ORACLE _home/oc4j/j2ee/oc4j_applications/applications/em/em/cabo/images/cache/zhs/*.gif

Searchctl start

Emctl Start Dbconsole

Isqlplusctl start

Open the following URL to test:

Ultra Search URL:


Ultra Search Administration Tool URL:


Isql*plus URL:


Isql*plus DBA URL:


After the operation of the above steps, thoroughly solved the Linux Oracle database EM, DBCA, NETCA Chinese Interface, button box garbled problem.

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