Solve the Problem of telnet between host xp and Virtual Machine linux

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Solve the Problem of telnet between host xp and Virtual Machine linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. First, the host machine is Winxp and the ip address is Fedora Linux is installed with vmware and the ip address is If hamachi is installed (software that facilitates online games with people), Linux cannot access the Internet. Disable it in "network connection.

Watch the teaching video to achieve mutual access between the two and sacrifice the telnet weapon. However, no matter whether it is xp or linux, telnet cannot be implemented. Think about the solution for a moment (PS: telnet port number is 23 ):

1. enable the Telnet service on the XP system: Right-click "my computer", choose "manage"> "service"> "Telnet", right-click "properties", and click "Manual ", and then enable it.

2. Enable the telnet service in Linux: In "terminal", type chkconfig telnet on.

3. In Windows XP, telnet Linux: "START" → "run" → cmd. Press enter to enter the command line mode, type "telnet", press enter, and enter the id and password in linux. I have a question: Why can't I use root to log on? After login, you can use su root to convert to root login, strange? The solution is found: In the vi/etc/pam. d/login file, add a # sign in front of auth required/lib/security/, and comment it out.

4. telnet XP in Linux: Open the terminal, type telnet, and prompt me to log on. PS: no password is set for the host because it is convenient for a friend to use a computer, because telnet does not allow empty passwords, the root user is added. The group must be set to Administrators or a new group named TelnetClients and root can be added. Otherwise, the system will prompt "Access Denied: whether the user is a member of TelnetClients. The server administrator must add the user to the preceding group. The connection to the Telnet server is disabled ". For more information, see After the connection is complete, you can connect.
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