Solve the problem of garbled gftp under Linux operating system

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The default state gftp is not set character encoding, so we on the FTP, see inside the Chinese file name is all garbled, or not part of the file see folder but no name;

In fact, after the gftp-2.0.17 version has been very good support for Chinese characters, I set the method is to its configuration file modification can!

The general software configuration file will be placed in the user directory, for example, I use root login, I will open the terminal, in the root

#cd Root

#ls-A//NOTE: Browse all directories, including hidden files

#cd. GFTP//Pay attention to the "." Before gftp.


Press I, move the cursor to line 41, find remote_charsets=, and write the usual code behind it CP936,GB18030,GBK,GB2312,UTF-8,EUC-TW

Press the ESC key and enter the following

: Wq

Enter the exit can be saved;

The above already includes the Chinese commonly used font and the Taiwanese traditional characters; basically can solve the problem, I have no problem, do not know what will happen to you!


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