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No matter how strong your computer configuration is, even if you use the most up-to-date system of WINDOWS7 with CPU parallelism, you will always be frustrated to find that your CPU occupancy rate is high. What's even more depressing is that there's no big software and games to run.

However, how big is the software?

Every day in your computer desktop in the lower right corner of the flash of the small icon, that is that little Penguin, big?

For ordinary computer users, as long as the normal state of the CPU is high, in addition to anti-virus software in the scan, and almost other reasons is QQ caused.

Perhaps, you do not hang more than QQ, maybe you do not have too many friends, but the following two strokes, you can completely reduce the burden on the CPU, by the way to the hard drive decompression.

The first recruit: radical, delete useless QQ friends and QQ group chat record

QQ occupy CPU too high reason is also easy to analyze, chat record should clean up!

QQ Chat record is a database file, Tencent's own format, when you join a number of active QQ group, there is no thorough shielding of the news, you may be in thousands of per day tens of thousands of in the increase of chat records. Yes, you are not chatting, but QQ group other people chat.

QQ so non-stop to the hard drive inside write Ah, read Ah, soon, if you carefully to see QQ chat record files, days, 3 G or even larger.

In this way, the usual QQ caused a greater burden. Keep the 3 G large files back and forth to read and write, CPU and hard disk load is very large. After all, each received a message, QQ will open this large file, into the inside into a, and then save.

OK, the following to clean up, you and friends chat record may need long-term preservation, this you can targeted cleaning, focus, QQ group chat record!

Open the QQ message manager, if you want to delete all group messages, point to the left of the "group", click the right mouse button, click "Delete message Record" can be. Or, to clean up the specified groups individually, you can manipulate them with the right mouse button.

Do not underestimate this seemingly simple technique, this will let your CPU occupies a very large reduction, you run the computer will not feel the card. At the same time, hard disk life is also long.

The second recruit: the frontier, reduce the QQ process priority

If your computer configuration is not too high, QQ chat records are often cleaned, but also QQ occupy CPU high, how to do?

Now the dual-core or multi-core CPU can allow the CPU to handle different tasks at the same time, the old single core CPU this is no way, although also can work more than one thread, but with multicore is not comparable, many times the program appears to rob the CPU situation. So, at this time, we can use the Windows7, Vista or XP system built-in "Windows Task Manager", the QQ process priority set to "substandard" or "low", so that we hang QQ while running other software or games faster. Because the QQ process is we sent to the frontier, want to occupy the CPU, queue first.

As shown in the following illustration:

The above two strokes, is either alone or together, will give you more than the obvious effect of imagination, often for CPU problems confused friends, try it!

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