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When you work with a personal resume table in Word, you often encounter situations where you copy some rows of one table to another table. A seemingly simple problem, often with unexpected results--even if the number of columns in the two table is exactly the same, the pasted result is often "misaligned", and the pasted row is never aligned with its adjacent rows.

1. Prepare for a rainy day

The first way to solve this problem is to improve how you paste rows into the target table. All formatting marks are displayed first. Select the menu "tools → options", select the View tab, and select all under formatting marks. When you are done, click OK. Add a blank line at the end of the destination table, and be careful not to enter anything on this line. In the source table, select the cell that contains the row you want to copy, but do not select the closing tag at the end of the line. The selected content is then copied and pasted into the destination table, and Word automatically inserts a new row when necessary, and the newly inserted row is always fully aligned with the existing row.

But that's not always the case-if we're going to put the pasted content in another position in the target table (not the last), the original contents of the target table may be overwritten-unless we insert enough empty rows into the target table before pasting, it seems too cumbersome.

2. Mend and Repair afterwards

Let us take a look at the ex post facto remedy for the misplaced form. First, we can take advantage of Word's Table "AutoFit" feature.

Select the entire dislocated resume form, select Menu "form → auto adjust → adjust table automatically according to content". In the case of some complex tables, especially the existence of nested tables, this approach still does not necessarily work. The conversion method of "form → text → form" can be adopted at this time. Select the entire misplaced table to convert the entire table to text. Select Menu "table → convert → table to text" and a dialog box appears. SxS good to ask prompts, choose a form that does not appear in the character as a separator, click "OK". Finally, convert the text back to the table by selecting the menu "table → convert → text to table", the Conversion dialog box, select the separator you just used, and then click OK.

3. Lucrative, click the mouse

The easiest way to do this is to create a simple macro if you often want to work with a misplaced table. By using macro autofitalltables to find all the tables in a Word document, the AutoFit method for each of the columns is automatically resized for each table-the final effect is to align all the rows and columns.

Sub Autofitalltables ()

Dim Otbl as Table

For each otbl in Activedocument.tables


Olumns. AutoFit


End Sub

Open the Visual Basic Editor for the Word macro and enter the macro above to save it. Select Word menu tools → customize, go to the Commands tab, drag the Autofitalltables macro to the appropriate location on the Word toolbar, and Word automatically adds the button named Autofitalltables. Right-click the button, name the button "align all columns," and finally close the custom dialog box in Figure Four. Later, just click the "Align All Columns" button, Word will automatically align all the misplaced forms, very convenient!

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