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The multi-system selection is annoying before starting the system. After reinstalling the system, two XP Windows suddenly appear. After installing the jujumao or tomato garden edition system, the dwarf toolbox appears and the System option appears before starting the system, this greatly reduces the number of computer enthusiasts who are pursuing milliseconds.
Here I will explain how to cancel the selection of multiple systems before starting the system. The options in Vista and XP may be different, but the main options are the same.
First, right-click my computer-> properties. For Vista, see Figure 1. Click Advanced System settings to go to Figure 2. For XP, see Figure 2:
Figure 1
Figure 2

On the "advanced" tab, find the "Start and fault recovery" button. Figure 3 is displayed after a single machine is created:
Figure 3

Here let's take a look at the meaning of each parameter:
1. default Operating System: The White selection bar selected by default before startup
2. display the operating system list time: it is the time when the selection page appears before the boot. If the user does not change the selection time, the default Operating System will be started (that is, the above parameter)
3. Select the recovery option as needed: This prevents user errors. If you select an operating system that does not exist and set the time to 0 ...... This is the option to prevent such errors. It seems that XP does not exist.
Other parameters have nothing to do with what we are talking about this time. So how can we avoid that option? It's easy to set the default Operating System to the one you need to start, and then set the display operating system list time to 0, in this way, the required system will be started immediately. If the XP user does not select the recovery option when needed, it is recommended to set the time to 1 or 2 seconds, in this way, at least there will be no endless loop that will eventually lead to restart.
If you are not sure that XP is easy to use, first change the default start system and restart the system. If the system can be started normally, this option is correct, and then change the display list time to 0.

If you do not understand, you can email me, walkingmu + cnblogs # (change # @)
This method has a complicated situation that cannot be solved: when the old system is started, the new system is installed on the plug-in disk, half installed, and the installation is exited, and the old system will continue to be used. In this case, a boot option pointing to the optical drive will be left behind, which cannot be modified in this way. If anyone knows this, please email or leave a message to me.

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