Solve the problem of slow burning speed of pioneer Burner

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Pioneer VDR-118chv burner, burn DVD + R disc, according to instructions should be able to 22x speed, but in fact when the disk, speed less than 1x, the entire system becomes very slow, slow response, the sound stops.
Later, we used hdparam/dev/hda to check that DMA was off. Try to enable DMA with hdparam-D1/dev/hda, but the prompt "operation not permitted" indicates that the DMA fails to be enabled.
Later, when you start the installation with the installation disk, you can view it on the console. If there is no ide-Generic Module driver, you can still drive the optical drive. lsmod is driven by the atiixp module and you can open the DMA. However, the IDE-Generic Module is loaded on the server and cannot be uninstalled. Solution: When grub loads the kernel, it first loads the atiixp module, that is, when mkinitrd creates an initrd file, it adds the parameter -- preload = atiixp. In this way, the module is loaded before the root directory of the hard disk is mounted. This is the same as loading the ahci module -- preload = ahci when you enable the ahci mode of the SATA hard disk.
Archive this file for reference by the comrades in this situation.

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