Solve the problem that Android phones cannot be identified on Mac

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1. log on to the terminal and enter system_profiler SPUSBDataType to remember the output.

2. unplug the phone and repeat the above steps.

After comparing the two results, you will get a Vendor ID:

Composite Device: Product ID: 0x0010 Vendor ID: 0x2207 (Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co ., ltd .) version: 2.22 Serial Number: 0123456789 ABCDEF Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: rockchip Location ID: 0x14100000/12 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA ): 500 Capacity: 14.08 GB (14,084,472,832 bytes) Removable Media: Yes Detachable Drive: Yes BSD Name: disk1 Partition Map Type: Unknown S. m.A. r. t. status: Not Supported

3. Input echo "0x2207"> ~ in the terminal ~ /. Android/adb_usb.ini

Red indicates your device VendorID

4. adb kill-server


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