Solve the problem that favicon. ICO cannot be displayed on the home page.

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Recently I tried to add A favicon. ICO icon to my website. Under normal circumstances, you can use the favicon-manager plug-in for implementation. For specific methods, I refer to the solution provided by Zeus. You can also download the plug-in here. After this plug-in is enabled, set the absolute path of favicon. ICO in the background, and then OK. However, if you have a jump page on the home page like me, you will not be able to see this icon on the home page, even if I put the favicon. ICO is lost in the root directory. You can add a segment between CodeIn this way. To sum up, there are three types of code:

<LINK rel = "shortcut icon" href = "ICO address"> <LINK rel = "shortcut" href = "/favicon. ICO "/> <link href =" ICO address "rel =" shortcut icon ">
I used the first code. Here, the "ICO address" should be the absolute path where favicon. ICO is stored. For example, if my storage address is the root directory of the space, write it here as here, we want to upload images,

If you write the address as a response. Remove WWW and use the top-level domain name write path to display this icon at both and The specific cause is unclear. I tried n times to find this problem.

If all settings are correct and favicon. ICO cannot be displayed, try removing www.


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