Solve the problem that hard disks are automatically scanned every time windows is started.

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If Windows is shut down abnormally (for example, a sudden power failure), it will scan the disk the next time it starts the computer. However, after scanning is completed, it will continue scanning again when it starts the computer. I have encountered this situation, so I have summarized the following experiences and hope to give you some reference.
1. System Problem Solving

On the Windows interface, we can use the disk fragmentation program. Start "cmd" and type "chkdsk X:/F" (X is the drive letter) to scan. Then, start "disk fragmentation" to fragment the corresponding disk, the disk scan can be cleared again.

2. The Registry also blocks scanning.

We know that the system scans the disk because "dirty" bytes are set in the registry. Find the following branch in the Registry: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/CurrentControlSet/control/Session Manager". In the window on the right of the Registry, find "bootexecute: reg_multi_sz". The key value is Windows disk scan, double-click "bootexecute: reg_multi_sz" and change it to "autocheck autochk *" to restore it to normal.

3. Use third-party software
Hard Disk is a very sensitive accessory, and daily maintenance work is also very important. I used Drive Health to check the hard drive health. I used the Windows optimization master to remove the logical error in the hard drive. Focus on the settings of the optimization master (). Click "Settings" in "system cleanup maintenance/System Disk doctor" to check the first and fourth options. Select the disk to be sorted and click "check. (For more information about the options, see "Windows optimization master)

4. format the hard disk

If the above method still does not work, we need to format the corresponding hard disk. When I use a computer, the system is extremely unstable, often restarted, and then disk scanning. I was surprised to open the "Event Viewer" with a bunch of Warnings: the event is NTFS, and the description is that the file system is abnormal. However, in windows, the content of the disk can be normally accessed, so that the format is not limited. I can't hear the sound of a hard disk, and the hard disk scan I hate.

In the actual use of the computer, due to crashes, abnormal shutdown, and other reasons, windows may have some system faults. We should take appropriate measures to investigate these faults. During daily use, we should try to avoid incorrect operations. Remote Backup of important files on the hard disk will minimize the loss. If the mains supply in the region is unstable, you can configure a UPS instance.

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