Solve the problem that internal users cannot perform remote desktop and creden do not work, and user desktop creden

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Solve the problem that internal users cannot perform remote desktop and creden do not work, and user desktop creden

Phenomenon: Remote Desktop cannot be created on the company's intranet work computer. When this problem occurs, the cause is checked and finally solved.

Cause analysis:

1. Because it is an intranet server, port ing needs to be performed on the public network router (the network knowledge of different router models is involved here, so I will not go into details here ), first, check the port ing made on the company's outer network router. Use the telnet IP port on the public network to allow access from the outer network. This proves that the port ing is successful.

2. Check the Internet and find that the Internet processing is normal. Therefore, focus on the Cause Analysis on the Local intranet. First, check the firewall. The win7 system is used as an example. Open Control Panel to check firewall rules.

Check the firewall rules to see if the Remote Desktop rule is enabled. The configuration is correct.

3. Check whether the remote port of the Registry is the default port 3389. Run regedit. msc and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENTCONTROLSET/CONTROL/
Shows terminal server/WDS/RDPWD/TDS/TCP:

Check whether the port is the same as the remote port. If not, modify the port.

4. The Local Machine tests whether the remote port is in a smooth state. Use the Telnet IP Port, as shown in:

If the following occurs, check whether the local remote desktop service is enabled:

Note: 1. Some computers may still be unable to connect to the remote network. Then you can try to close the firewall and then perform a remote connection again, which generally solves the problem of remote connection failure. 2. Some computers may also encounter the following situations: Computer Configuration → Window settings → Security Settings → Local Policies → Security Options → network access: local Account Sharing and security model → set as classic-to authenticate the local user without changing the original identity, the problem is solved. As shown in:

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