Solve the problem that overseas templates H1, H2, h3... do not display the title of Chinese articles

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If you often use good-looking overseas webpage templates, you may encounter situations where the title of a Chinese article is not displayed, but the English title is displayed normally. Many people think that the font-family font of CSS should be modified. In fact, this is wrong and has nothing to do with CSS.
The real reason for this is that foreign theme developers like to use the cufon font. The so-called cufon font is a special effect of JS, and its role is to display text in the form of images. This is to solve the contradiction between the fonts that the topic designers want to display, but the browser does not support. For example, the theme designer wants to use the trebuchet Ms font to make the template look nice and alternative. However, if the browser does not support this font, the trebuchet Ms font effect cannot be displayed, the second step is to use common fonts such as tahoma to make the template look general.

The advantage of this special effect is to make the text look beautiful, but its biggest drawback is that it does not support Chinese fonts, only English letters and numbers are displayed.

Solution: Search for cufon. Replace in the JS file and delete it.

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