Solve the problem that the independent graphics card cannot be driven after the Windows XP system is installed in the dual graphics card notebook! How to install an independent graphics card driver for Windows 7 dual-graphics laptop XP system!

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Today, I helped my friend get a computer from a wholesaler. the built-in system is Linux, so I helped myself to build the first system, but it was always a blue screen during decompression, so I thought there was a problem with the machine. I used the employee to say that this function was restricted and only Windows 7 could be installed. Only Windows 7 systems could use the independent video card,Curiosity is stirred up, and then the human flesh begins to break the casserole and find the foundation.

I checked various materials on the Internet and compared several popular laptops, I found that many laptops now use dual-graphics technology. The dual-graphics card of the notebook is not as powerful as the dual-display configuration of the desktop. It is launched to improve the display performance. The advantage of Dual-display in a notebook is that it can be switched based on the actual application needs for display performance, such as when web browsing or documents only require 2D low display performance, only low-power integrated graphics cards are used. On the contrary, if 3D games require high display performance, only high-performance independent graphics cards are used. The benefits of this design not only give the notebook display performance a wider range of applications, but also meet the high battery life requirements of the notebook mobile, so as to meet the user's display performance requirements, at the same time, get the best endurance time.

Today, we will not discuss the development history of the dual-display technology, nor identify the performance of various dual-display technologies. Let's just talk about the dual-display-driven problems that currently plague everyone. In order to be able to verify the situation, he tried his friend's Acer Aspire 3410g.

A friend's Acer Aspire 3410g notebook uses an integrated interl graphics card and a ati4330 independent graphics card. The original Windows 7 operating system is normal. After you back up the driver on the official website, delete Windows 7 and install XP.

As a result, when the independent video card driver cannot be installed, the system always prompts that the device cannot be found. Check that the display card of the Device Manager contains an Intel video card. The unknown device also has a video controller that is VGA compatible. I tried to install the driver forcibly. After the downloaded driver is installed, the video card is 4300. There is an exclamation mark on the front.

Try to drive the independent video card first without installing a pure system on the installation disk.

He called Acer. The Acer service staff told us that the independent graphics card driver under the dual graphics card XP cannot be used up. You can only reinstall Windows 7 or Vista.



Later, I went to the bios and saw a switchable graphics option under main.

I have read this technology and search for details:

Switchable graphics technology allows ATI mobility radeon HD and Intel GMA to perform rendering in turn. Based on the user settings and system load, the notebook dynamically switches between the two graphics cards in real time, without restarting or logging out of the system, and basically does not require user intervention. This is obviously much easier to start or log out.

This technology has no special requirements for laptops and graphics cards. You only need to upgrade the system BIOS to support related products.

In bios, switchable graphics is the default option. You can select integrated graphics or discrete graphics to disable the switching function. In fact, the integrated graphics card is disabled and only independent graphics cards are displayed in the system. Disable this option and restart it to enter the system. Keep prompting you to discover new hardware and install it automatically. Only the video card and wireless NIC driver are left. The atigraphics card driver is installed successfully.

Therefore, in fact, the graphics card switching function is not available in the XP system. To experience Video Card Switching, you must use win7.

In addition, NVIDIA also has similar cooperative Technologies called NVIDIA Optimus, which play a similar role. However, due to different working principles, the N-card dual-display switching technology works with two graphics cards at the same time. No matter you do not need to use the dedicated display, the set display is working. Therefore, the BIOS does not seem to have the set display function disabled. That is to say, in XP, only set display can be used.

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