Solve the problem that win10 Start Menu, volume, and network cannot be opened. win10 Start Menu

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Solve the problem that win10 Start Menu, volume, and network cannot be opened. win10 Start Menu

Problem process :? ? ? After installing win10 and habitually disabling redundant services, unnecessary startup items, and garbage cleaning, you will find that the entire taskbar left-click in the Start menu and you will not be able to solve the problem :? ? ? Win10 and win7 have different management mechanisms. The menu bar and account information of win7 are irrelevant to APPX, and the system file AppData \ Local and Roaming can be moved freely .? ? ? After win8, new program architectures such as APPX began to emerge. win10 was also an improvement in win8's system architecture. I have written an article about the problem that "Settings" cannot be opened in win8, because the Local folder containing account information is transferred without permission and the default location can be restored .? ? ? I do not recommend the transfer of win10 Local because of win8 experience. It has been proved by practice that after win8, the solution to system faults should start to be transferred from outside the start of service items .? ? ? The win10 Start Menu contains the magnetic link of the APP information. After the disabled service items are restored to prove that they are irrelevant to the service items, the root cause of the problem points to APPX, in addition, the solution does not simply use the Administrator to start CMD as in the past. net platform's Power shell script command, and win10's unique developer mode is another point of thinking.

Press ctrl + shift + esc to open the task manager, file, run a new task, and run services. msc.

Find windows Firewall and check whether it is in the startup status. If it is disabled, click "start". If it is already in the startup status, skip this step.

Open cmd in Task Manager. Check "Run with System Administrator"

Enter the powershell command and press Enter.

Copy the following commands to the new text document, select all copies, and then press ctrl + v to copy to cmd. If the command is successful, the cmd command box will be color-differentiated.

Get-AppXPackage-AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register "$ ($ _. InstallLocation) \ AppXManifest. xml "}

Press enter and wait until the task is completed. After the task is completed, the screen will return to the previous page and enter the command. After the command is turned off, wait.

If the preceding operations are confirmed to be one-to-one, but are ineffective after completion, check the service item: whether usermanager is disabled. If it is disabled, change it to automatic, and restart it. Thanks for the complete solution provided by liuwei19870317.


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