Solve the problem when running codeblocks

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When I try runningCode: Blocks, I get the following error message:

Another program instance is already running. Code: blocks is currently configured to only allow one running instance.

You can access this setting under the menu item 'enable '.

I had a similar problem before with e.g. google Chrome when I didn't shut it down correctly, but for chrome, I managed to locate the lock file, delete it, And it solves the problem.

ForCode: Blocks, I looked around and tried several proposed solutions, but none of them worked:

    • look for the process ( PS-A | grep 'codeblocks ') and kill the Process

      I found a stray process this way, but killing it did not help.

    • allow multiple instances setting under 'Environment ' menu

      I can not run any instance in the first place, so can not access the menu.

      I tried running code :: blocks from terminal with codeblocks -- multiple-instances but that parameter must have been abandoned some time ago, as it is no longer recognized.

    • I looked all over for some kind of a lock file, to try and delete it

      unfortunately, I didn't find anything that looked to me distinctly like the lock file :(

Did anybody encounter a similar problem, and knows how to solve it? Any help wocould be great, as searching around only revealed people with the same problemUnsolved, Or solved by one of the solutions I outlined above (which didn't help ).

I'm running 64b fedora17.



Uh, sorry everybody, looks like I have this annoying habit of finding a solution within minutes of complaining about the problem, instead in my "look for solution" phase.

I found the lock file to delete and fix the problem: deleting/Tmp/code: blocks-UsernameFixes the problem.

Some further solutions are outlined inCode: BlocksOfficial forums, including how to change the settings from "allow Single Instance" to "allow multiple instance" without actually runningCode: Blocks.

Mainly look at Topic = 8529.0

Solve the problem when running codeblocks

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