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In the use of DB2 since, encountered several times prompted sql1032n error, each error error message is about the following: 11/21/2004 22:15:33 0 0 sql1042c An unexpected system error occurred. SQL1032N did not issue a command to start the database manager. sqlstate=57019.

Every time there is a problem, the Internet to find a lot of information, but also asked a lot of people, the cost of some force to be done. The reasons for several errors and solutions are not the same, after the resolution I have only made a simple record. Always want to write them down, convenient and convenient later also encountered the same problem, and I looked everywhere, the middle also wrote some nonsense, such as how I look for errors, and even what did not work hard. The first kind of sql1032n error, one day DB2 instance suddenly could not start, with Db2start prompted about the following error message:

12/30/2004 11:28:39 0 0 sql1042c An unexpected system error occurred. SQL1032N did not issue a command to start the database manager. sqlstate=57019.

First encountered this problem, but also think that will not be the database up, the nasty under what commands such as activating database only class, have to try, examples are not up, then run these commands, certainly are not.

Then suddenly found that when the machine was opened, prompted a service error did not start, it should be in the window service set to automatically start the DB2 instance service does not start normally, I started it manually in the service, prompted the error:

Windows cannot start db2-db2-0 on the local computer. For more information, check the system event log. and refer to the specific service code-8000. View the event manager with this record:

The db2-db2-0 service stopped due to 4294959296 service errors. Source Service Control Event id:7024

To do so much, all is useless work, only limited to know that the service is not up, is not looking.

Then through the parties to inquire, finally found the reason: license expired.

Running db2licm-l under the Db2cmd interface makes it obvious that the license has expired.

Know the reason, the rest, is to find a way to solve the problem.

Summary: Until now, in some forums, it is often seen that people send such posts to ask, at least I have encountered three times in two months this post. Therefore, if it is not possible to ascertain that there is a permanent authorization, this is not a bad thing to do with Db2licm-l. Another situation, similar to the previous one, is the sql1032n error that occurs when the instance is started. The DB2-DB0 service cannot be started in the Windows NT service and prompts:

Error 1069, login failure error.

This error is relatively simple, is the user name or password used to start the service is incorrect. Only in the properties of the service, select the Login tab, select the user, and fill out the password, restart the service on it.

Summary: This situation typically occurs when a user logs on to an NT system or changes the DB2 user's password.

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