Solve the Thunder download does not show the speed of the problem detailed

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1, please login this page, download a thunder of the installation package test to see if the same situation to determine whether the problem of individual resources or all resources.

2, individual task download is not recognized is the source of the original address failure caused by the proposed replacement download link to download

3, all task downloads are not recognized:

① Exit 360 security guards, Jinshan, QQ housekeeper, anti-virus software and other security software, to avoid inadvertently set interception traffic or these products on the Internet speed protection function caused by the situation.

② as a sudden problem today, it is recommended that you restart the router, network, and computer attempts.

4, the above are invalid, please uninstall the Thunderbolt and then log on this page download thunder the latest version of the installation package, reinstall on another disk to try. (Please do not overwrite the installation, you must uninstall the installation, or you may overwrite the old problem)

Well, the above is a small series for you to organize an article on the Thunder download does not show the speed of the solution, I hope this article can help you friends.

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